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Contents pack out

In the event that your loss has affected a majority of your home or business, a contents pack out may be required, especially if you will need to leave the property while the restoration process takes place. What is a contents pack out?

A contents pack out is where we safely box, wrap, and transport all of your personal belongings within the affected areas of the loss. We transport all of the contents to an offsite storage facility where your personal belongings are safely kept until all necessary repairs are finished and we can bring the contents back.

If you have any fragile items such as glass or chinaware, there is no need to worry! We carefully wrap the contents in packing paper, wrap it again in bubble wrap, and cushion it neatly in our boxes. We also have speciality boxes for clothing, paintings, and tv's, as well as speciality items for transporting mattresses and rugs! We carefully wrap any furniture in moving blankets, along with protecting any legs with special wrapping as well. We always treat others property with the utmost respect, and act as if it is our own. 

Additionally, if any of your contents were damaged from the loss and can be salvaged, we will coordinate the necessary cleaning and restoration of these contents so they can be like brand new again! If any of the contents are non-salvageable and need to be discarded, we will document and coordinate sending the necessary information to your insurance carrier for replacement. 

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