More than a slogan, it's our mission

Florida's elite Restoration provides complete loss management and restoration services to all residential and commercial properties. No matter what the loss may be, our team provides professional expertise to guarantee the quickest and most efficient path to get your property back to normal. 

We completely understand the devastating loss caused by water, fire, wind, MOLD, and other disasters. At a time when your personal property is involved, you want to work with Honest, friendly, precise, and well trained professionals who truly care. We put ourselves in your shoes, and act as if your property is our own.


Our Team responds immediately and makes you our top priority. We aim to go the extra mile for your restoration and cleanup needs because we know our work is more than just property restoration. In the end, it is about serving the people, and that is something we take to heart. That’s whAT makes us "better than the rest".


We are your first responders. We enter situations when people feel uncertain and vulnerable about the future. From the very start, we aim to establish trust and to show our customers that we are there to serve and care for them.

FLORIDA's ELITE Restoration is able to respond to a loss at anytime, night or day. Regardless of the size of your loss, we are prepared to start the restoration process immediately.

We coordinate the entire restoration process in order to eliminate your stress. We plan and execute everything from cleanup all the way through repairs. We do all of this with the utmost honesty and integrity, and that is what makes us better than the rest. 


We are available at a moment's notice